Free Directory Submission

Building back links is arguably the most important part of modern SEO. Website and article directories are a better way for webmasters to promote their websites. Article and Web Directory submission can build back links, can increase exposure and traffic. SoftON has link building huge resources. We list search engine friendly web and article directories for webmasters to use for site promotion tools. Our lists include niche, general and article directories.

A great way to get your site noticed is to be listed in web directories. Directories can boost your search engine ranking and bring in additional traffic. To get the most from your directory submissions it is advisable to hire a SEO professional. At SoftON we can ensure your directory listings will be targeted for effective Google PR. We will manually submit your site to each directory, use relevant link text and track results.

Directory submission services are an important part of our search engine optimization services for Australia. A lot of business organisations tend to down play the effectiveness of this service. However we always make sure that all of our clients are fully aware of the benefits of this great service before they decide on whether or not they would like to use it.

The directory submission concept

If you look at the meaning of the phrase, directory submission is self explanatory. Simply put directory submission services involve listing your website on relevant directories sites. This can be done automatic way with the help of software, as well as manually. Both ways have their advantages. Directories are very valuable online resources. They organize websites according to their relevance.

Directory submission is time consuming

Although the name seams simple enough, directory submission is actually a tedious and time consuming process and therefore it is best to hire a directory submission organisation to do the job for you. To begin with there are huge number of directories that are available online and each one of these have their own set of rules and guidelines that have to be adhered to. This is the first cause that directory submission takes time. The second cause that has to be considered is the fact that all directories are not legitimate. Therefore care has to be taken to choose the directory carefully or it can create more harm than good.

Automatic vs. manual submission

We are offering both automatic and manual directory submission services. However both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Automatic directory submission is carried out with the help of software, while manual submission is not and therefore it is more time consuming. Our team will give you the appropriate suggestions once they have understood your business.

Hire professionals

To get the best results we recommend that you leave the process to a professional directory submission company like us. With our expertise and knowledge of the Australia market, we will reach your website in the right directories thereby increasing its ranking tremendously. It is very important that your website is submitted to the appropriate directories as there are many fake directories on the internet as well. If your website gets submitted to any of this kind of site it could actually result in lowering your page ranking all together.

Our Web Directory Submission Services

  • Option 1 – Submission to the top 700 free directories

    We make sure the directories we submit to are SEO friendly and have a high Google PR. We will send an excel sheet at the end of the process confirming which directories your site has been submitted. We cannot give you guarantee all directories will accept submissions but we aim for a 70% to 80% approval rate within 3 to 4 months.

  • Option 2 – Submission to the top paid and free directories

    In Addition to option 1 you can further raise your ranking by submitting your site to paid listings. Yahoo directory is seen as the king of paid directories but there are many other sites that can provide a boost to your search engine ranking. We can suggest you on budget and what directories are best suited for your web site.

For free directory submission with professional services contact us.